10 Floors

10 Floors, originally uploaded by presidentadow.

My dad has been a lawyer in the Spitzer building in downtown toledo for over 30 years. The Spitzer family had it built in 1896 and owned it until just a few months ago. Last week everyone was given an eviction notice because the new owner has decided to update this nationally recognized historic landmark. They have to be out by July.

I have a lot of memories in this building, and have decided to photo document what I can before everything there is gone. I will continue adding pictures of the building and the people there, so stay tuned.

As for this picture, every time I went to my father’s office, we always took the stairs down, and counted them on the way. To this day, I still always take the steps down in the building out of habit, and think of all the interesting people I’ve met on every floor on the way down.


3 responses to “10 Floors

  1. When I read about the sale in the Blade, I thought of you right away, and going over there to watch the news coverage after our press conference. Its such an amazing place…

  2. The Spitzer Building is great. My grandpa bought his engagement ring for my grandma there in the 40s – and then I randomly ended up working in Toledo at the building 55 years later. Still, it needs to be renovated. I hope they’re smart enough to keep the charm but make it nicer (like having running water in most of the building).

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    Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

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